sábado, 18 de septiembre de 2010

Music: Download the last from Trent Reznor

(First, I'm sorry I haven't been so active in the last days, I am at home and I don't have internet in here, I'm going to check every request and blog starting next week)
Trent Reznor has done it again, and we know his last EP, How to destroy angels, it's free to download at his website 

 But now, we can also download his music that it's into The Social Network soundtrack.

 If you are interested, you can go and download it from this site.

I love how Trent and other bands share their works on the internet, I hope that this habit gets done by more and more artists.

domingo, 12 de septiembre de 2010

New! : Blogs of the Week!

AAAAND I'm gonna start a new weekly post named BotW (or, blogs of the week), if you know any other interesting blog tell me!!

So my top 5 from this week are:

5.- Get fit- Nuttin' but a peanut! ( http://trainlikeabadass.blogspot.com )
I Like the tips about food and I really missed some fit blogs, I hope he keeps posting!

4.- mutant |absolute | ( http://moodierogue.blogspot.com/ )
Really cool music reviews, if you want to dig into new music, this is your blog!!

3.- Angersmash ( http://angersmash.blogspot.com )

I love how he writes his entries, very interesting info and it's really fun to read, make sure you follow him, you don't wanna miss the action!

2.- Silly old bum ( http://sillyoldbum.blogspot.com )
When I read this blog I always keep a smile on my face, good laughs and cool wallpapers! It's a must-see!!

1.- Mikes ramblings ( http://psycmike.blogspot.com )
I really like how he gets interesting images and stuff about videogames, I have fun reading his entries and I can assure you he will keep making good post, go check him out!.

Good morning; Faith no More

I love Faith no More, I love Patton, the band, the music, the weird noises they make in concerts, and I love that they'll come back to Chile this year!! I mean, I saw them in 2009 with a friend and I got goose bumps because of their greatness, I hope I can earn enough money to see them again.

Just a man is-if not- one of the greatest song of them, and it's better in the morning when you just want to go and sing with all your might.

Do you know any other great song to hear in the morning? Post in the comments and tell me!!

For now, enjoy!

sábado, 11 de septiembre de 2010

11 September

I don't live in the USA but I know that this day is hard for you.

In chile, this day has another meaning too...

On September 11, 1973, General Augusto Pinochet took control of Chile and established a military dictatorship that lasted 17 years.

But this day is often remembered because violence takes on our streets, and is most of the time feared to get out today. Lots of riots because of the government, killings, soldiers outside, I hear ambulances a lot. I moved to Santiago for the University, and I hate this day with all my might.

I don't want to go with politics, but I hated Pinochet, he was a killer and nothing can't change that. Allende was an asshole too...

But thanks to that asshole who violated human rights we all have to stay home every year on september 11th, because I don't want to be smacked by a rock or something.

My sister travels today and I'm worried about her, I hope she gets home safe.

And I'm sorry for the 11th September of yours in the USA, I know it sucks

Game of the day: Mass effect 2

I'm going to start my first review of a videogame in my blog. I want to start with Bioware's new jewel: Mass Effect.
So what is this game about you say? It started with Mass effect 1, an rpgs with guns, biotic powers and many decisions to do in your journey, you play as Shepard, and you save the galaxy of Sovereign, a flying-space-shrimp-ship.
Okay, so you did it, so what about Mass Effect 2? Well, you get to know that there were other enemies than them... and it's the time to get a group of qualified warriors, the best, the deadliest, the most feared, to complete your quest about saving the galaxy.

The gameplay of this game is really fun, compared to mass effect 1, it become more of an action shooter. I really liked it, being a Vanguard and charging people to the next galaxy is lots of fun. Other thing that I loved is the interaction with the different squadmates, every single of them has different purposes, feelings, and it makes them feel so real that you will keep playing just to know if they like you as a friend or not.
The paragon/renegade interrupts are awesome too, if you feel like you want to punch someone and you see a renegade interrupt, you KNOW you are going to have fun.

The game is so good that it inspires people to do awesome cosplays,  and hey, they are very good! It also has made me want to make my own suit so I can feel like I'm really part of the N7/cerberus army.

Overall, I think this game is awesome, the story grabs you and you can't stop playing it, the squadmates are charming and make you feel love/hate/compassion, Bioware makes dlc very often so you won't get bored, and the best of all is that the decisions you make will be important in the end of ME2, and the soon to come Mass effect 3, thew end of the saga!!

If you haven't played this, I recommend you to buy/rent it, you will love it either for the story, the graphics, the music, or the waifus.

Any questions? feel free to ask in the comments!

See you in the next review!


Long ago I found a blog about lifehacks and found it interesting, kinda like a wikihow.

But I have seen that they really give good tips to go ahead in life!!
If you don't know it you should check it out, I bet you are going to find something interesting in the site


Also, thanks for all the people who follows me, see you soon!

here, have a bunny :3

A halo video in my blog, that's right

and it makes me wish I could have an xbox to play Halo...

jueves, 9 de septiembre de 2010

Comic time

via http://www.harkavagrant.com/

I love these comics, and it makes me wish I knew more about history too.

go check it out!
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My job beats your job

 I want to rant today, I had a very nice day that got screwed so fast, and it involves my career.

I must admit, studying business ISN'T that hard, but I'm in the best business school in my country, so I'm very proud of it, we have to work hard, got a job the first semester, need to sell, study, make a new company grow up and live. But today talking with some people I got the comment of "but why don't you sell x, it's too easy to sell! I could do that myself and win lots of money!"

That got me really mad.

After that, she commented about how it was easy to convince some man to buy your idea for their company in one minute, that you just have to tell them what they want to hear, and that got me really, really mad. It's not that it's hard to do it, but it's hard to achieve it, and those people don't understand that doing it isn't as easy as it sounds.

It's like saying that if you know the basics of medicine you can go and make a surgery to a man dying!

It gets me, it makes me feel like the people who studies laws and get told that if they know all the rules in their country they are done.

If you study some career I bet you have got some of this sickening comments.

Parties and videogames

I remember that when I was 6 I would meet with my friends and play some Mortal kombat or Mario Bros. Years later I remember that in my birthday party we would play Mario Party and Clayfighter 64, but nowadays people don't enjoy party videogames.

Or do they?

In the last year I moved to college and met lots of people, some of them have the same hobbies as I do, but what surprises me is that there is always a videogame for us when we are bored. Maybe some Call of Duty, maybe some Wario Ware, we are considering to get Rockband and the drums so we can be the musicians we always wanted to be. Of course there is always that videogame you want to show them up but isn't for the party.

But who cares, playing videogames with your friends it's getting back to your childhood, I'd say even better.

So what games nowadays are great for a party? I'd say Warioware for wii, since if you get drunk you get lots of laughs, maybe LBP, but is there any game that I'm missing?

miércoles, 8 de septiembre de 2010

It's not bad to be lazy

I hate that when I'm so tired, I can't finish the things I want to do.
First of all I really work hard to keep going on, I work, go to college, cook, clean and all of it during the day. But sometimes I just want to escape of my duties and rest, I know I did it today.
And then comes the guilt, that I could have studied, been better, worked hard etc. But I know deep in my heart that I needed that rest. Because, we are humans, we fell under the pressure.
I know I rested well today, played some starcraft 2 and had a good time, but tomorrow I will go to the same routine of study/work/clean.

Does this happens often to you? I don't like being lazy, but when you need to rest, you know you have to do it.