domingo, 12 de septiembre de 2010

New! : Blogs of the Week!

AAAAND I'm gonna start a new weekly post named BotW (or, blogs of the week), if you know any other interesting blog tell me!!

So my top 5 from this week are:

5.- Get fit- Nuttin' but a peanut! ( )
I Like the tips about food and I really missed some fit blogs, I hope he keeps posting!

4.- mutant |absolute | ( )
Really cool music reviews, if you want to dig into new music, this is your blog!!

3.- Angersmash ( )

I love how he writes his entries, very interesting info and it's really fun to read, make sure you follow him, you don't wanna miss the action!

2.- Silly old bum ( )
When I read this blog I always keep a smile on my face, good laughs and cool wallpapers! It's a must-see!!

1.- Mikes ramblings ( )
I really like how he gets interesting images and stuff about videogames, I have fun reading his entries and I can assure you he will keep making good post, go check him out!.

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  3. great post... I'm eager to see the next one

  4. Kewl story, bro! Following!

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