miércoles, 8 de septiembre de 2010

It's not bad to be lazy

I hate that when I'm so tired, I can't finish the things I want to do.
First of all I really work hard to keep going on, I work, go to college, cook, clean and all of it during the day. But sometimes I just want to escape of my duties and rest, I know I did it today.
And then comes the guilt, that I could have studied, been better, worked hard etc. But I know deep in my heart that I needed that rest. Because, we are humans, we fell under the pressure.
I know I rested well today, played some starcraft 2 and had a good time, but tomorrow I will go to the same routine of study/work/clean.

Does this happens often to you? I don't like being lazy, but when you need to rest, you know you have to do it.

2 comentarios:

  1. How adorable. Also following and supporting. I expect the same. Peace out.

  2. One thing: We don't have stupid colleges around here and PLEASE DON'T SAY YOU'RE LAZY