jueves, 9 de septiembre de 2010

Parties and videogames

I remember that when I was 6 I would meet with my friends and play some Mortal kombat or Mario Bros. Years later I remember that in my birthday party we would play Mario Party and Clayfighter 64, but nowadays people don't enjoy party videogames.

Or do they?

In the last year I moved to college and met lots of people, some of them have the same hobbies as I do, but what surprises me is that there is always a videogame for us when we are bored. Maybe some Call of Duty, maybe some Wario Ware, we are considering to get Rockband and the drums so we can be the musicians we always wanted to be. Of course there is always that videogame you want to show them up but isn't for the party.

But who cares, playing videogames with your friends it's getting back to your childhood, I'd say even better.

So what games nowadays are great for a party? I'd say Warioware for wii, since if you get drunk you get lots of laughs, maybe LBP, but is there any game that I'm missing?

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