domingo, 12 de septiembre de 2010

Good morning; Faith no More

I love Faith no More, I love Patton, the band, the music, the weird noises they make in concerts, and I love that they'll come back to Chile this year!! I mean, I saw them in 2009 with a friend and I got goose bumps because of their greatness, I hope I can earn enough money to see them again.

Just a man is-if not- one of the greatest song of them, and it's better in the morning when you just want to go and sing with all your might.

Do you know any other great song to hear in the morning? Post in the comments and tell me!!

For now, enjoy!

8 comentarios:

  1. personally, in the morning, i like to hear this song called banana pancakes :D its played on a ukelele, google it!

  2. you need some motivation in the morning. i prefer something like New Order - Confusion. :-D

  3. Awesome song awesome blog followin and supportin!

  4. I like to hear Daughtry while I drive to University in the morning

  5. gurl u crazy

    Check it