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Game of the day: Mass effect 2

I'm going to start my first review of a videogame in my blog. I want to start with Bioware's new jewel: Mass Effect.
So what is this game about you say? It started with Mass effect 1, an rpgs with guns, biotic powers and many decisions to do in your journey, you play as Shepard, and you save the galaxy of Sovereign, a flying-space-shrimp-ship.
Okay, so you did it, so what about Mass Effect 2? Well, you get to know that there were other enemies than them... and it's the time to get a group of qualified warriors, the best, the deadliest, the most feared, to complete your quest about saving the galaxy.

The gameplay of this game is really fun, compared to mass effect 1, it become more of an action shooter. I really liked it, being a Vanguard and charging people to the next galaxy is lots of fun. Other thing that I loved is the interaction with the different squadmates, every single of them has different purposes, feelings, and it makes them feel so real that you will keep playing just to know if they like you as a friend or not.
The paragon/renegade interrupts are awesome too, if you feel like you want to punch someone and you see a renegade interrupt, you KNOW you are going to have fun.

The game is so good that it inspires people to do awesome cosplays,  and hey, they are very good! It also has made me want to make my own suit so I can feel like I'm really part of the N7/cerberus army.

Overall, I think this game is awesome, the story grabs you and you can't stop playing it, the squadmates are charming and make you feel love/hate/compassion, Bioware makes dlc very often so you won't get bored, and the best of all is that the decisions you make will be important in the end of ME2, and the soon to come Mass effect 3, thew end of the saga!!

If you haven't played this, I recommend you to buy/rent it, you will love it either for the story, the graphics, the music, or the waifus.

Any questions? feel free to ask in the comments!

See you in the next review!

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